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Using process understanding to improve effectiveness and sustainability of health treatments.

One of the essential pillars of sustainable health processes is the understanding of the biological mechanisms of treatment methods. For this reason, we consider knowledge transfer as a substantial component in the promotion of health. This section is intended to give you initial insights into the topics that we are dedicated to at GordonHealth. In doing so, we provide you with the relevant basic knowledge, which we further expand in our seminars and training courses.

What is stress?

According to the most common understanding, stress is increased physical and mental tension that can be harmful to health in the long term. Nevertheless, stress is essential for survival.

What are fasciae?

Fasciae surround muscles, bones and organs and ensure that with every movement the individual body parts connect, contain, and glide.

What is HRV?

Heart-rate variability (HRV) is a global health matrix indicator and gives us information about our current level of stress.

What is IFT®?

Interdisciplinary fascia therapy – in short: IFT® – is a methodology developed by Christopher-Marc Gordon for treating stress and pain and promoting performance.