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The Cellulite-ReleaZer®

Demonstrably effective for cellulite and unbalanced metabolic processes in the connective tissue.

As a self-help tool, the Cellulite-ReleaZer® allows you to influence the physical processes responsible for the formation of cellulite, including e.g., the fascia, the lymphatic drainage, the blood circulation, the hydration, and the reduction of oxidative stress in the tissue. The Cellulite-ReleaZer® is the first scientifically tested self-help instrument worldwide that has been proven to reduce cellulite. The effectiveness of the Cellulite-ReleaZer® is portrayed by a study conducted by the proDerm Institute using three different measures: skin surface scan, expert rating, and self-reporting by the users.

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The effect of the Cellulite-ReleaZer® in a nutshell

The vibration massage with nubs and edges creates an accelerated microcirculation in the treated tissue and thus promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage (purification) and soft tissue modulation. The result is a tightening of the deep tissue and a visible smoothing and firming of the skin.

“The Cellulite-ReleaZer is the first globally tested self-help tool proven to reduce cellulite and to counteract metabolically disruptive connective tissue”.

“Getting in touch with the Cellulite-ReleaZer®”


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