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Business World

Beurer GmbH • human resources manager [BPM Bundesverband der Personalmanager] • Daimler AG / Mercedes Benz Group • Filderklinik • HMDK Stuttgart • Holtzbrinck Publishing Group • Lilie GmbH & Co. KG • MORE Therapy – Practice for Osteopathy and Physiotherapy • Ralf Bohlmann • Thieme Publishing company • Mahle GmbH • Marriott International • Medicalpark • Ministry of Justice Baden-Wuerttemberg • Motorpresse

Professional Sports

Aaron Brown – 2-time Olympian and World Champion in 100m Relay • Christabel Nettey – Canadian Olympian Long Jump • French National Team Football – World Champion 2018 • Jeremy Wariner – 2-time Olympic champion and 5-time World Champion in 400m • Justin Gatlin – Olympic champion and 4-time world champion in 100m/200m • Matthias Bühler – 2-time Olympian and 8-time German champion in 110m hurdles • Mosa Manguera – National team Uganda • Stuttgart Ballet • Timo Koch – World champion swimming • Dr. Wilbour Kelsick – Trainer and therapist, Canadian olympic team and national team


Ph.D. Frank Andrasik – Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Memphis • Prof. John Gruzelier – Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London • Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. h.c. mult. Niels Birbaumer – formerly Institute for Medical Psychology and Behavioural Neurobiology, University Tübingen • Prof. Pedro José Montoya Jiménez – Department of Psychology and the University Institute for Research in Health Sciences, University of the Balearic Islands and the Government of the Balearic Islands, Visiting professor of Universidade Federal from ABC, São Paulo • Dr. biol.hum. Robert Schleip – German human biologist and graduate psychologist, Director of the Fascia Research Group, Division of Neurophysiology, Research Director of the European Rolfing Association

Excerpts recommendation letters

Executive Board Beurer GmbH

The programme included physical and mental training to increase the participants’ mindfulness and to improve their vitality, stress-and-pain resilience, and life quality. Among other things, the training covered instrumental, evidence-based health treatments and was accompanied by an online-based learning management platform. […]

The pre- and post-data from all health check-ups were evaluated on an individual as well as on an aggregated level and thus served to monitor the impact of the health training. We as a company gained insight into the aggregated health development of the training group. The results showed significant improvements in all areas considered. […]

Christopher-Marc Gordon and the team of the GordonHealth Academy GmbH are extremely competent, enthusiastic, and inspiring. The authentic and appreciative demeanour of the entire team always created an open-minded, positive, and proactive training atmosphere. Throughout the health training, the team did an excellent job in addressing the different needs of all participants. It is therefore not surprising that the entire team was highly appreciated by our employees at all times. […]

The training concept of the GordonHealth Academy GmbH is unique in its scientific background and its connection to therapeutic practice and has been proven to have extraordinary health effects. With its focus on sustainable stress and pain resilience combined with improving life quality, the training perfectly meets the spirit of the times. […]

HMDK Stuttgart / Karlsruhe

As a founding member and cellist of the famous Melos Quartet […] as well as a professor at the music academies in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, I know exactly and not only from my own painful experience how much a musical-artistic activity can strain the body and overstrain the health. […]

Christopher Gordon not only relieved me of my acute back pain, but also cured it permanently. Since then, I have regularly and gladly made use of his extensive therapeutic palette as well as his immense knowledge. They have contributed significantly to the fact that I have a very stable state of health today. […]

Christopher Gordon, as an excellent diagnostician, as a therapist and naturopathic practitioner and equipped with many techniques and treatment methods developed by him, is a stroke of luck for anyone who needs help for the ailments limiting him. […]

Executive Board Motorpresse

The aim of the seminar was to raise the participants’ awareness of their personal “Body & Mind Performance” and to show ways to optimize it. The seminar consisted of three parts […].

The training phase of the participants, which lasted several months, was accompanied by exercises on CD. In addition, Mr. Gordon used a three-step survey of the participants by means of a questionnaire […] to show the personal development of each participant in the course of the seminar. Almost all participants showed significant improvement over the course of the training. […]

We experienced Mr. Gordon as a very competent, very committed and very innovative trainer. His always obliging manner was very much appreciated by the participants. Through great skill and empathy, Mr. Gordon excellently understood how to adapt to the different needs of the participants.

In particular, the scientific background of the series of events, the linking of theory and practice, and the use of a wide variety of training tools made the seminar a very interesting and varied course. […]

Ballet Director Márcia Haydée Schöberl

I first met Christopher-Marc Gordon in 1995 when he was working as a physiotherapist, consultant and coach for the Stuttgart Ballet. I realized very quickly the complex knowledge Christopher Gordon had and how he grasped physical and psychological problems and deficits and solved them individually and uniquely. Especially his interest in dance and music helped him to perform his work at the highest level. […]

Christopher Gordon was the only therapist who could help me quickly and effectively and alleviate my complaints in the long term and sustainably. […]

His practical, theoretical and also scientific knowledge, coupled with his authentic, empathetic and friendly personality makes him a unique therapist, naturopath, consultant and coach. I am very sure that Mr. Gordon can help many people in difficult and hopeless situations. You don’t often meet a person like Mr. Gordon in your life. […]

Director of the Fascia Research Group Dr. Robert Schleip

Christopher Gordon is a long-term active member of our academic research group, focusing on fascia research […]

He brings several unique strength into our group. Among others, his clinical experience and expertise in the field of myofascial therapies, his impressive knowledge on the connections between the Autonomic Nervous System and myofascial pain dynamics, his unique networking skills and resources, where he manages to connect leading researchers from different scientific filds to collaborate together, his inquisitive mind in which he respectfully comes up with new and curious questions, that keep opening new perspectives for many of us in our group, […]

Christopher Gordon has particularly my most enthusiastic support in proceeding to get his PhD degreee, which I view as „long overdue“ based on his contributions to our field of research over the last decade. […]