About us

About us
Who is behind GordonHealth?

GordonHealth is a health platform that combines knowledge and experience from over 30 years of therapeutic and scientific work with new, innovative training concepts. Founder and CEO is the stress and pain expert Christopher-Marc Gordon. He developed the scientifically based Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT®), which forms the centrepiece of our work at GordonHealth.

Founder Christopher-Marc Gordon

Christopher-Marc Gordon is a physiotherapist, myofascial osteopath, naturopathic practitioner, psychological coach, scientist, and inventor. At the centre of his work is the Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT®), which has an integrative approach to health development. To allow for an instrument-based application of this treatment techniques, he developed the Fascia-ReleaZer®, Deep-ReleaZer®, Stress-ReleaZer® and the Cellulite-ReleaZer®.

“His practical, theoretical and scientific knowledge, coupled with his authentic, empathetic and friendly personality makes Christopher-Marc Gordon a unique therapist, naturopathic practitioner, advisor, and coach. I am very sure that Mr. Gordon can help many people in difficult and hopeless situations”.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Márcia Haydée Schöberl | dancer, choreographer, ballet director

“With IFT, I have been able to double my workload of treatment appointments. I am very happy that I can offer myofascial bodywork techniques in conjunction with vegetative treatment options within the framework of a sustainable and evidence-based method. It was only through Christopher that I learned the connection between psyche and soma! Also, many of my patients already have their own Fascia-ReleaZer and treat themselves independently at home”.

Klaus Wirges | IFT therapist

“The work of Christopher-Marc Gordon is based on two pillars. First, he does everything he can to scientifically underpin the therapies used in clinical practice. Second, he views the muscle-fascia system as a dynamic entity that is closely connected to both the somatic volitional and autonomic nervous systems.”

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Niels Birbaumer | Universität Tübingen

What GordonHealth is all about

At GordonHealth, we work as an interdisciplinary team – consisting of therapists, trainers, and scientists – to address health development on a holistic level. With simple and demonstrably effective treatment methods, we want to give everyone the opportunity to sustainably strengthen their physical and mental balance – whether in the form of stress relief, pain management or to promote performance. We are convinced that self-treatment measures, trainer-guided exercises and therapeutic treatments can help to raise your health to a new level.