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Transforming stress and pain to life quality
GordonHealth Academy

At the GordonHealth Academy we offer experiential, hands-on health seminars and trainings. We combine the topics of stress, pain, and physical and mental performance. We use the deeper elements of Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT®), which combines techniques for stress and pain relief and regeneration. Within our treatments we utilise instruments such as Fascia-ReleaZer® and Deep-ReleaZer®.

Our aspiration – quality, effectiveness, and sustainability

In everything we do, we strive for the highest quality and effectiveness. For this reason, we provide our participants with sound medical knowledge and teach them effective methods for stress and pain reduction and performance increase. Results from 17 independent clinical studies show the effectiveness and sustainability of our treatments. All methods have also been successfully applied to over 100,000 patients during therapeutic treatments at the Centre for Integrative Therapy in Stuttgart.

Our approach – experiencing hands-on health

Demonstrated by research, information and process understanding promote sustainable treatment success. For this reason, we have developed LiveScience® – a concept for measuring changes in tissue and the autonomic nervous system. With LiveScience® we use objective measures to make the effectiveness of our methods visible, experiential, and comprehensible for everyone.

“The GordonHealth Academy teaches complex topics in an easily understandable way and in a pleasant and humourous atmosphere.”

Michael | Seminar participant

“Sensational development of the academy in the last year. Many good ideas and comprehensible structures.”

Oliver | Fascia-ReleaZer® Master Trainer

Relevance assessment

42 trainers, coaches, and therapists evaluated the relevance of our health approaches and methods. 97% pointed out that they are able to solve known problems of their interest group. 98% indicated they had people interested in the GordonHealth tools in their own communities. 100% of the therapists could imagine using the Fascia-ReleaZer® to treat patients.


Across all our seminars and training, we received an evaluation of “excellent” (data base > 700 participants). Participants evaluated: the overall impression, the treatments, the understanding of the content, the pace of learning, the working atmosphere, the team, and the personal benefit.

Evaluation of treatments

45 seminar participants evaluated our practical, instrumental treatments. The graph above illustrates the result. In addition, 100% of participants indicated to be willing to treat themselves regularly in the long term.

Our education on self-treatment: We train you to help yourself

Our self-help online seminars

We bring therapeutic methods into self-application. Use our online seminars in the areas of stress and pain management, regeneration and performance, and vitalisation of the connective tissue to easily integrate therapeutic, scientifically based health measures into your everyday life.

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Our self-help online tutorials – freely available

Take your first steps with our freely available online tutorials.

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Our educations for trainers / coaches, therapists and companies

For trainers

Support your course participants on their journey to a calm, positive focus, and a strong, efficient and pain-free body. Become a certified Fascia-ReleaZer® trainer now and guide your participants in our ” self-help” program.

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For therapists

Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT®) is a scientific approach to stress and pain that combines manual and instrumental body therapy on the patient. Learn how to integrate IFT® into your therapeutic treatment.

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For companies

In our scientific health training course participants learn how to effectively and sustainably promote stress and pain resilience. Support your employees in their development towards long-term performance without wear and tear!

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