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Our education in Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT®)

Expand your know-how in stress and pain issues by an innovative method with scientific effectiveness – become a certified IFT® therapist!

The aim of the IFT® training is to teach fast, effective, and scientific methods for reducing stress and pain, including the myofascial system and the autonomic nervous system. IFT® integrates numerous manual gripping techniques as well as instrumental treatments with needle rollers, Fascia- and Deep-ReleaZer®. With the help of LiveScience®, changes in the tissue and in the autonomic nervous system are measured and made visible to foster comprehensibility – a surprising experience for every participant!

The special features of the IFT® at one glance

IFT® combines pain therapy, stress management, performance improvement and self-help treatments. As a sustainable therapy and self-help concept, IFT® is based on a strong scientific foundation. Overall, the effectiveness was proven based on 17 clinical studies. IFT® generates very rapid results in stress and pain relief as well as improvement in mobility – often after just one treatment.

Within our training, physiotherapists, osteopaths, naturopaths, masseurs, doctors, and related medical professionals learn the IFT® in 6 days for use in their own premises.

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Next date: 23.-25.09.2022 + 09.-11.12.2022 | Training fee: €1.600 | Language: German
Soon also available as an English-language course!


As part of your training, we share medical and scientific expertise in the fields of fascial medicine, Gua-Sha-medicine, neurophysiology and myofascial trigger point release (MTR). We focus on the following subject areas:

  • genetics and epigenetics
  • pain and stress resilience: fascia, autonomic nervous system and the vagus nerve
  • IFT® as a combination of pain therapy, stress management, performance enhancement and self-help treatment
  • Sustainability management and evidence-based practice
  • Cutting-edge science in action




The interdisciplinary treatment of chronic stress and pain symptoms includes various manual techniques and instrumental treatments with needle roller as well as Fascia- and Deep-ReleaZer®. IFT® includes, among other things

  • Manual and instrumental treatment of fascia, receptors, and trigger points
  • Stimulation of all types of mechanoreceptors
  • Specialized treatment of myofascial lesions
  • Heart-rate variability (HRV) training and prefrontal cortex stimulation
  • Intermittent Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Treatment protocols for: Shoulder & Neck / Lumbar, Pelvic & Thoracic Spine / Feet, Hips & Legs / Arms, Elbows & Hands

Seminar schedule

The training includes two course series, each with 3 attendance days – each from Friday to Sunday. Each training day covers a period of approx. 9 hours (including breaks). The German-language training takes place at Ahornstraße 31, 70597 Stuttgart, Germany.

For the instrumental treatment techniques you need the Fascia- with Deep-ReleaZer®. The instruments are included in the training fee.

Approval and certification

The prerequisite for admission is a medical, therapeutic, or comparable specialist profession.

As part of your training, we will guide you through a certification process with written, oral, and practical proof of qualification.

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Next date: 23.-25.09.2022 + 09.-11.12.2022 | Training fee: €1.600 | Language: German
Soon also available as an English-language course!

You want to know more? Here you find the IFT® explained in detail

Detailed explanations of treatment and mode of action

IFT® stimulates the tissue through manual and instrumental treatment of fascial mechanoreceptors and trigger points. The stiffness and elasticity of the tissue are improved, which means that joints, tendons, and ligaments gain mobility and stereotypical movement patterns can be corrected. Through slow treatment of the deep-seated tissue, muscular and painful imbalances can also be corrected, and the organism can be brought back into balance. The myofascial body therapy is supplemented using regular heart-rate variability (HRV) training for vagus nerve stimulation. This activates the autonomic nervous system, which, among other things, reduces cortisol in the blood. HRV training thus promotes the body’s immune response to inflammatory stimuli. Even a single IFT® treatment leads to improved pain perception and range of motion.

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