We promote health holistically

with simple and sustainable means

GordonHealth Academy

We want to make health tangible and understandable for everyone.

We understand health as a mental, physical, and spiritual balance that enables you to develop your full potential in the most diverse life situations. For this reason, we offer simple, effective, and sustainable treatment methods for stress relief, pain therapy and sustainable performance increase. We use knowledge and experience from over 30 years of therapeutic and scientific work.

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For self-help treatment

We bring therapeutic methods into self-application. Use our online seminars in the areas of stress and pain management, regeneration and performance, and vitalisation of the connective tissue to easily integrate therapeutic, scientifically based health measures into your everyday life.

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For trainers

Support your course participants on their journey to a calm, positive focus and a strong, powerful and pain-free body. Become a certified Fascia-ReleaZer® Trainer and guide your course participants through our “self-help” program.

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For therapists

Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT®) is a scientific approach to stress and pain that combines manual and instrumental body therapy on the patient. Learn how to integrate IFT® into your therapeutic treatment.

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For companies

In our scientific health training, course participants learn how to effectively and sustainably promote their stress and pain resilience. Support your employees in their development towards long-term performance without wear and tear!

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“GordonHealth founder Christopher-Marc Gordon accompanied us, among other things, on our tour to China. He is exceptionally reliable, very competent, and simply outstanding. We are always happy to recommend him.”

Reid Anderson | Stuttgarter Ballet

“In particular, the scientific background of the series of events, the linking of theory and practice and the use of a wide variety of training tools made the seminar a very interesting and varied course.”

Motorpresse management.

GordonHealth Products

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Fascia-ReleaZer with Deep-ReleaZer®

Fascinatingly effective

The Fascia- with Deep-ReleaZer® is a fascia trainer with integrated vibration function. It effectively treats myofascial stress and pain complaints. In a single application, it addresses all receptors of the muscle-fascia tissue and allows breath-brain training to stimulate the autonomic nervous system.

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For more stress resilience in everyday life

For improved stress management in everyday life, the Stress-ReleaZer® combines the use of a vibration diaphragm massage with a customisable breath-brain training – the so-called heart-rate variability training. All functions of the Stress-ReleaZer® are based on the latest scientific findings on increasing stress resilience.

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Proven effective for orange peel skin and unbalanced metabolic processes in the connective tissue.

The development of the Cellulite-ReleaZer® is based on the understanding of cellulite as a health early warning system. As a self-help instrument , the Cellulite-ReleaZer® allows you to influence the processes that are responsible for the formation of cellulite. A study conducted by the proDerm Institute demonstrates its effectiveness.

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GordonHealth Research

Our aim is to promote health effectively and sustainably. To this end, we not only base our work on the latest scientific findings, but also transfer our patients’ concerns directly to science, researching new treatment methods in a practical and solution-oriented manner. We collaborate with numerous national and international universities and research institutes.

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Das GordonHealth Wissen

What is stress?

According to common knowledge, stressis increased physical and mental tension and strain that can be harmful to health in the long term. Nonetheless, stress is vital.

What are fasciae?

Fascia surrounds muscles, bones and organs and causes the individual body parts to slide past each other and not leave their position.

What is HRV?

Die Heart rate variability (HRV) is caused by the autonomous adaptation of our body and gives us information about our current level of stress.

What is IFT?

Die Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy – in short: IFT® – is a form of therapy developed by Christopher-Marc Gordon for treating stress and pain, and promoting performance.