The Reason(s) why

What makes us special

(1) Deep understanding of the interaction of stress, pain, and performance

Stress and pain are probably the most prevalent common diseases of our time and affect our ability to regenerate and perform. Interestingly, stress and pain are usually regarded as isolated symptoms, whereas biology suggests a clear connection between the two. This connection arises from the interaction of the myofascial system and the autonomic nervous system.

(2) Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT®) to improve stress-and-pain resilience and performance

IFT® forms the centrepiece of our work. As an evidence-based therapy method, it was developed by our founder Christopher-Marc Gordon. The term “interdisciplinary” refers to the inclusion and further development of various medical disciplines. IFT® has been successfully practiced and trained since 1990. Numerous research papers have demonstrated its positive effects on stress and pain relief, performance enhancement, mobility, and life quality.

(3) Products to make therapy more efficient and to bring therapeutic methods into self-application

Based on the IFT® elements, our products support medical professionals in their therapeutic actions and help to make patient treatment more efficient and sustainable. In addition, our tools provide everyone with the opportunity to achieve their individual health goals as part of a self-help approach. The self-help treatment techniques are based on two key principles: vibro-shearing and vibro-breathing.

(4) Vibration-based „Shearing-and-Breathing“ for longlasting health effects

In contrast to the conventional myofascial rolling technique, our instrument-based shearing techniques not only release your tissues, but also ensure a specific removal of used, stagnant fluids. In addition, they allow stimulation of all receptors in the tissue in a single application. This creates highly effective and proven long-lasting effects. Our vibro-breathing techniques allow us to balance our autonomic nervous system through heart-rate variability training.