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Our products are an expression of an effective, medical-therapeutic method that promotes health in a natural way. The product application is based on research findings on the interaction of tissue and the autonomic nervous system.

GordonHealth & Beurer

Since 2015, GordonHealth has been developing sustainable and effective tools for stress and pain relief and performance increase. In this process, GordonHealth closely collaborates with the family-owned company Beurer. The basis for cooperation is the common aim of making health promotion accessible to everyone. Result is the current ReleaZer® series.

Our ReleaZer®-series

Fascia-ReleaZer with Deep-ReleaZer®

Fascinatingly effective

The Fascia- with Deep-ReleaZer® is a fascia trainer with integrated vibration function. It effectively treats myofascial stress and pain complaints. In a single application, it addresses all receptors of the muscle-fascia tissue and allows breath-brain training to stimulate the autonomic nervous system.

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For more stress resilience in everyday life

For improved stress management in everyday life, the Stress-ReleaZer® combines the use of a vibration diaphragm massage with a customisable breath-brain training – the so-called heart-rate variability training. All functions of the Stress-ReleaZer® are based on the latest scientific findings on increasing stress resilience.

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Proven effective for orange peel skin and unbalanced metabolic processes in the connective tissue

The development of the Cellulite-ReleaZer® is based on the understanding of cellulite as a health early warning system. As an instrument for self-therapy, the Cellulite-ReleaZer® allows you to influence the processes that are responsible for the formation of cellulite. A study conducted by the proDerm Institute demonstrates its effectiveness.

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“I have been using the GordonHealth tools in my everyday life for a long time. They help me to find my balance again and again, even in hectic situations. You can really feel the effect on body and mind in every single application”.

Barbara Becker | Model, Fascia Fitness Coach

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