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The GordonHealth training

Would you like to manage your employees’ stress and pain resilience not only effectively, but also sustainably? We’ll show you how!

Using purely scientific training methods, we empower your employees to develop composure in their mind and body. With improved regeneration abilities, they experience performance without wear and tear and develop joy in dealing with themselves and others.

Our health training at one glance

• Integrative course concept for promoting employee health holistically
• Impulse event for kick-off
• Weekly course units over 3 months, guided by a certified GordonHealth Master Trainer
• Scientific proof of the training’s effect on an individual and collective level
• Health seal of approval for your company

An online-based learning platform is optionally available to the participants for the entire time of the training and for another 3-months-period after course completion to support independent training.

“The training was great! Professionally organised, prepared, presented and accompanied”

Senior management about the training

“I want to thank you very much!!! The course was a great experience that I can highly recommend to anyone. I was able to collect great new exercises, impressions, and experiences for myself. Thank you very much!”

Participant in the GordonHealth training

“I am super enthusiastic about the topics, the products, and the type of course! The alternation of theory and practice makes the unit very entertaining; it always flies by”

Participant in the GordonHealth training

Our training concept

Myofascial bodywork with Fascia- and Deep-ReleaZer®, movement training to reduce chronic back pain, bilateral integration exercises, release techniques to reduce stress, stress management techniques with the Stress-ReleaZer®, heat-cold therapy, self-awareness training including nutrition, meditation, humour, sleep, and happiness.

With Fascia-, Deep- and Stress-ReleaZer®, we use specially developed and scientifically proven instruments, which consider the individuality of each employee and include them into the treatment process.

Our learning goals: The participants…

  • understand and experience how stress and pain can be overwritten and how happiness can be generated.
  • learn how easily and effectively stress and pain management can be integrated into everyday life.
  • learn different techniques to increase a calm, positive focus.
  • learn how to optimally strengthen and stretch the tissue and improve its suppleness.
  • learn how to dissolve old, negative patterns of movement and posture.
  • learn how to optimise their metabolism with deacidification tricks.
  • learn how to build up a strong immune and nervous system with the natural forces of “hot and cold”.
  • experience how self-awareness and humour make everyday life happier.

Want to know more? Here are more details:

Linking the topics of stress and pain in an integrative course concept

Considering our biological processes, stress and pain belong together. With our muscle-fascial system and our autopilot, the autonomic nervous system, there is a biological origin for the connection between mental and physical functions. As such, long-lasting stressful situations, tension, and immobility often lead to a stress-pain cycle that is difficult to disrupt. This manifests in a neurophysiological stress-pain memory that can only be overwritten by a multifaceted health approach.

As part of the GordonHealth training, employees learn how to deal with stress and pain by means of a training concept that has been proven to be effective and sustainable. With a variety of treatment techniques, they have a holistic effect on your body.

Measurement and documentation of changes

To record the effectiveness of our health training, our concept optionally integrates measures of physical and mental well-being. We enquire various facets of life quality, resilience and performance capacity before and after the training.

The GordonHealth learning platform

Are your employees interested in delving deeper into the medical-scientific background of our treatments? Our online-based GordonHealth learning platform allows them to do it. For each course unit conducted, the participants will find further materials and protocols for all our treatments.


Our self-help concept for promoting resilience: Scientifically proven effect after 3 months of use.

Published in: Sportärztezeitung (2019). Konservative Therapie & Rehabilitation (Conservative Therapy & Rehabilitation). 2-4. Title: “Self-Myofascial Release. Chronische Rückenschmerzen und Stress: Eine kontrollierte klinische Studie” (“Self-Myofascial Release. Chronic back pain and stress: A controlled clinical study”). Number of participants: n=30; Authors: Gordon, C.-M., Graf C., Brüderle CS, Lindner SM, Montoya P., Andrasik F.

Cooperation: CIT Research Institute, Stuttgart, Germany; University of Balearic Islands, Research Institute on Health Sciences (IUNICS), Palma, Spain; University of Memphis, Department of Psychology, Memphis, USA.

Life quality (subjectively assessed)Improved by…
pain sensation60,4%
walking ability72,3%
impairments …
… at work86,8%
…during work66,1%
…with family commitments54,5%
…in self-sufficiency78,6%
…in the case of vital activities77,8%
Life quality (subjectively assessed)Improved by…
stress resilience49,0%
mood, enjoyment of life67,5%
general activity60,9%
social activity65,5%
relationship to others60,0%
sleep quality77,3%
sex life61,3%
Objectively measured properties of the muscle-fascial tissueImproved by…
spinal mobility (rotation, extension, flexion, lateral bending)30,8%
tissue stiffness (measured in deep tissue)40,0%
Biological average age of the group*1*2*3*
* Actual mean age of group: 46 years; 1 = initial measurement, 2 = after three weeks, 3 = after three months

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